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The hi-end technologies speed up development without damaging your product quality. 5) To establish internal business processes within our departments and teams and to ensure timely request processing, we make use of Trello and Atlassian . These services may store project information related to a technology stack, budget, roadmap and deadlines, Altoros project team, etc. As a company with Swift app development expertise, we build responsive, performant, scalable, and user-friendly applications.

full-cycle software and app development service

Since the extent of such employees has arrived at 60% quite a while back, today, enterprise mobility is probably going to include a considerably more huge level of workers. From booking a taxi to requesting food, booking lodging, and learning another language, mobile applications have simplified everything so. They have worked on the existence of consumers; they have added speed and adaptability to them. Are these mobile applications having any effect on the business world? The application’s rules and regulations continue to change with time and a great application maintenance system watches out for the significant store releases and upgrades the mobile application appropriately.

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We helped Monograph, who builds a backup-office tool for architects, migrate the backend to GraphQL, move the frontend part from the monolith to the Next application, and accelerate and create financial reports. Stackblitz is an online IDE for creating, editing, and deploying full-stack apps via browser using WebContainers. We worked on both backend and API development, official release preparations, and helped implement some enterprise features. Evil Martians helped an advanced security orchestration and automation platform, Tines, with the core product, covering UI design, frontend, and backend.

We will follow the proposed project timeline, solve any new problems, or new requests that arise during the process. Create advanced CAD/CAM/CNC software, build audio and video app solutions, or explore the possibilities of image analysis and computer vision. Optimize your software project potential by injecting life into your legacy systems. Join forces with Scopic to revitalize your business processes, gain more control over your data and drive maximum performance. The Smartexe team helps startups and existing businesses to create a successful brand.

We will inform you if we decide to lift a restriction on data processing. Where you contest the accuracy of your personal data, we will restrict data processing until we have verified the accuracy of your personal data. Your personal data has been collected in relation to the offer of information society services. As the retention period expires, we either delete or anonymize personal data collected. In case data was transferred to a backup storage and, therefore, cannot be deleted, we continue to store it in a secure fashion, but do not use it for any purpose.

full-cycle software and app development service

We do not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under 16. If we become aware that an individual under 16 has provided us with personal information, we will take measures to delete such information. Where data processing is carried out, because you have given Altoros your consent to do so. Where you have objected to data processing under legitimate interests, we will consider whether our legitimate interests override yours. To build a strong community around the events organized by Altoros and to interact with those interested in our services, we use Meetup.com .

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Mobile game development is an amazing field not only for game industry. For enhancing the user experience, your App designs will play a significant role. We present you with the wireframes/sketch, and once you finalize it, the final design and development cycle will begin. We at our company are proud to work with a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled developers.

full-cycle software and app development service

To let you reach your customers globally, as one of the top app development companies, we provide the best app development services to build all types of mobile applications from custom to hybrid as per your business need. Numerous software companies offer development platforms that will permit you to utilize out-of-the-box solutions to take care of your business needs but these will accompany a few minor alerts. These solutions probably won’t fit or take special care of every necessity and will turn out to be a compromise in every sense of the word.

6) To store audio recording of negotiations with a customer in order to clarify details if necessary and conduct meetings with previous, existing, and potential customers, we makes use of GoToMeeting , Hangouts or Zoom . 4) To provision phone calls in a distributed manner, Altoros makes use services store historical data about the activities conducted. We do not share data with third parties, apart from the cases described in the General data processing section and cases stipulated in our third partners privacy policies.

Discovery phase

In 2021, Podium Corp.’s valuation doubled to more than $3B at the time of their latest round of fundraising. Is a widely used tool created by Atlassian to manage software development projects. Using Jira, team leaders can create, plan, and assign tasks and track the progress of the whole team. How can GitHub Actions streamline your software development life cycle? One standard workflow you can consider adopting is automatic deployment upon pull request approval, 100% test success when pushed to the deployment branch. Offers a solution that enables application performance monitoring for organizations.

We also apply the best software architecture patterns and set up continuous integration and delivery pipelines to ensure that the software can be deployed multiple times per day without any drawbacks. Different models cater to different projects and teams and have their pros and cons. Each of them includes the requirements & analysis, design, development, testing, and deployment stages. As a result, the project is developed gradually with further improvements at each iteration. We uplift your business potential with a smart mobile solution and get big ideas fit on a small screen with native or cross-platform mobile applications.

  • We make sure that the availability of your software, monitoring and security systems always work properly.
  • A high-speed railway pioneer gains a series of automated solutions to process passenger information, improve on-board services, and report critical information to passengers.
  • As a company with telemedicine software development expertise, we build robust apps that help medical organizations to deliver healthcare services remotely.
  • We help build impactful digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and Startups.
  • From ideation to launch, we follow a holistic approach to full-cycle product development.
  • New software development technologies appear often, and Atlasiko Inc. doesn’t hesitate to use them to improve the software and services we provide.
  • Digital Banking Mobile Application Solution– Digital banking includes the digitalization of all traditional financial products, cycles, and exercises to support clients utilizing web channels.

When we sign a mobile app development service contract with our clients, it is conditional as per project specification and cost limitations and accordingly the solution is proposed. With regards to mobile application development, we often get asked what is more helpful for organizations, making a custom mobile application or settling on an off-the-shelf product? A reaction is always the same; it relies totally upon the size and intricacy of your main business objective.


When data processing is unlawful, and you oppose data deletion and request restriction instead. You have objections to processing your personal data, and there are no overriding legitimate reasons for us to continue to process it. You withdraw consent with respect to the original reason data was processed under, and there is no other reason for us to continue to store and process your personal data. In case you believe, we store any of your personal data, which is incorrect or incomplete, you may request us to correct or supplement it. You also have the right to introduce changes to your information by logging into your account with us. Later, it may be used to contact you with something relevant to your initial request, provide further information related to the topic you requested, and deliver quality service.

So, developers must ensure interface elements lead users to their intended places and that data gets stored for processing. The project used the latest technology stack, and software development was based on Agile methodology, which helped reduce the project timeline. 2) This way, we may use your personal information to provide services to you, as well as process transactions related to the services you inquired from us. For example, we may use your name or an e-mail address to send an invoice or to establish communication throughout the whole service delivery life cycle. We may also use your personal information you shared with us to connect you with other of our team members seeking your subject matter expertise. In case you use multiple services offered by our company, we may analyze your personal information and your online behavior on our resources to deliver an integrated experience.

8) To provision contracts, all the data about the active customers is stored in a secured internal network resource with limited access. These services process data in compliance with privacy policies of the mentioned services. We may further needed any maintenance and support activities of our CRM system or any related activities. Usually, we move in frequent iterations and demo the results by the end of each stage. Thus, you can evaluate the progress of custom software product development and see whether the functionality implemented matches your vision.

full-cycle software and app development service

Then, reach out to the company you liked and schedule a kick-off meeting to get the approximate project estimation. Pay special attention to the company’s responsiveness and application ownership. Their developers were engaged in our project and came to us with ideas to improve the technical part of the project.

With this sort of workflow in place, one can shave off deployment time and also minimize the chances of unexpected bugs appearing in the deployed product. The cost to develop an app depends on the processes https://globalcloudteam.com/ involved, the app functionality and features, the size and location of the development team, etc. The testing stage of the app development process exists to ensure the elimination of coding bugs.

As the best mobile app development company in India, our mobile app development team takes data security very seriously and we have developed a robust set of policies to ensure that the apps we build are secure. When it comes to the security of mobile apps, it is still the top concern for all business owners and app developers. Any data leak can have devastating consequences, including the loss of business, high-value clients, and brand reputation. However, security concerns persist regardless of the operating system and development platform you choose or how the security codes are implemented in the mobile app.

All our applications are compatible with the range of all smart phones and ensures that the functions of your mobile application in a very efficient manner. Innovative formation assumes a significant part in the application’s full-cycle software and app development service welfare. Our creators and prototype specialists will carry fresh and improved ways to deal with the application development and assist you with expanding the customer retention rate and increase downloads.

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Through augmented reality, athletes can improve their game no matter where they are. We develop the cross platform apps that build this growth from the comforts of users’ own homes. Mobile Applications Strengthen Client Connections– users will never want to wait for a website that loads slowly. A custom application is an effective method for getting clients the data and services they need right away. Similar to it occurring in different domains, enterprise personnel uses mobile applications to tackle business-related assignments.

Backend technologies

Give your employees the opportunity to use all capabilities of the company’s IT system with the training services of our software company. Statistics say that around 80% of users don’t know the full potential of implemented software. Atlasiko Inc. software provider helps workers to learn all features, and improve efficiency and convenience of utilization.

UI/UX Design

We know that communication is key to success, so we’re committed to open lines of communication throughout this process. On the other hand, cross-platform should be chosen for engaging a large audience or user base. Price- Off-the-shelf applications are at first less expensive to deploy with either a one-off upfront expense or a pre-set month-to-month license charge. Custom applications are probably going to have bigger introductory investments but there are no huge continuous license charges.

Electronic health record and electronic medical record software developed by Altoros reduces paperwork, saves time for medical workers, and improves patient care. Custom revenue cycle management software simplifies clinical and administrative processes for medical organizations and streamlines financial operations. Altoros delivers top-notch custom e-commerce solutions for brands, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, resellers, suppliers. Infopulse has performed a full-scale modernization of the client’s outdated treasury management software by reengineering 1 million lines of legacy code. Horizen , the privacy coin for borderless, decentralized communications and transactions, is the first and most important product in the Zen portfolio. Zen launched its blockchain in Spring 2017 with a vision of creating a truly private ecosystem for messaging and payments.